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Willie The Boatman The Albo Pale Ale (Case)

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    Willie the Boatman is not your average micro-brewery. With a story that is inspired by the legend of a convict boatman, the team at Willie proudly serve their community with bloody great beers, wild yarns and terrible love advice. Located in the heart of Marrickville, one of the inner-west Sydney's best brewers, Willie the Boatman, has been making jaws drop with their bloody good beers since 2012. Willie the Boatman offers a range of beers including a Double Choc Marshmallow Imperial Stout, Albo Pale Ale, Crazy Ivan IPA, Marrickville Lager and many more. Willie the Boatman also offers a variety of beer-related merchandise and host a food truck festival. Additionally, Willie the Boatman is a dog-friendly brewery where pups are allowed inside.

    Corn ale, also known as corn beer, is an alcoholic beverage made from malted barley, water and of course, corn. Dating back to pre-Columbian times when corn was first cultivated, corn ale has remained a staple of traditional brewing practices to this day. Corn ale has a unique flavor profile that is distinct from other types of beer. The addition of corn produces a lighter body and a slightly sweet and malty taste that pairs well with spicy and savory dishes. Depending on the brewing process, corn ale can range from light and effervescent to rich and full-bodied. Historically, corn ale is said to have originated during the Prohibition era and it was a popular drink among farmers in America due to its easy availability and low cost. However, with the current craft beer craze, corn ale is quickly gaining popularity among beer enthusiasts who appreciate the unique taste and the use of traditional ingredients.

    Corn pale ale is a newer twist on the classic recipe. Combining the distinct sweet, malty flavor of corn with the lighter, hoppy taste of a pale ale, corn pale ale offers a unique and refreshing option for beer enthusiasts. Corn pale ale typically uses a combination of corn and malted barley to create a slightly sweet taste with a crisp, bitter finish. It has a light body with a golden color and can range from mild to medium-heavy in alcohol content, depending on the brewing process.

    Willie The Boatman The Albo Pale Ale is a well-balanced and refreshing beer with a crisp bitter finish. This popular brew is named after Anthony Albanese the 31st Prime Minister of Australia, who is also a proud member of the boatshed community where Willie The Boatman is located. Featuring a rather dashing photo of a young Anthony Albanese, The Albo Pale Ale boasts a citrusy aroma with hoppy notes and a smooth finish. It's perfect for those who enjoy a lighter beer without sacrificing flavor. This pale ale has gained a loyal following with its perfect balance of hops and malt, creating a crisp, refreshing taste with a hint of zesty tropical fruit that satisfies even the most discerning beer drinkers.

    The Finer Details
    Style - Pale Ale
    Country - Australia
    Can Size - 375ml
    Pack Size - 16
    ABV - 5.5%