Same Day Delivery available for all Sydney Metro orders
Same Day Delivery available for all Sydney Metro orders
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Express Delivery available on all orders
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Buy cider online that’s freshly plucked from the orchard and uniquely brewed by our breweries

For a drop that tastes like summer enshrined in a bottle and allows its fruity nectar to come alive, a fruit-flavoured cider will refresh your palate and complement your meals with a sweet and bubbly finish. From small boutique labels to classic favourites that create a satisfying pop when you strike off the cap, explore the collection of pear and apple cider today and give your festivities and everyday moments a thirst-quenching and effervescent flavour.

Buy cider online to conveniently stock your bar fridge and events

Whether you’re looking to buy apple cider, chill out with a mellow pear cider or sink your teeth into a strawberry or tropical fruit variety, you can sample a smorgasbord of flavours at Kent Street Cellars. Explore the range today to find dry drops that leave a crisp finish to ciders that fall on the sweeter side to match a lazy afternoon spent with friends and family.

With an always refreshing but heavy fruit flavour that can taste tart, crisp or sour depending on the label you choose, adding an apple or pear cider to your bar fridge or cooler will delightfully expand your drinking choices. Choose from a local Australian cider or opt for an international variety to get your new favourite cider delivered from breweries based in NZ, Sweden or the UK.

Shop the entire range at Kent Street Cellars and get your go-to cider delivered fast

If you’re looking for a light refreshment that can be easily enjoyed on its own or blended into a cocktail such as a cider mimosa or apple cider margarita, there is no better place to start than Kent Street Cellars. Explore our exhaustive menu today and capture the spirit of the occasion with a bubbling cider, or consider a boutique beer worthy of your fine glassware. Need help with choosing from our vast selection of brands? Feel free to contact us today for friendly recommendations.