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Fortified Reds

Kent Street Cellars — your gateway to exceptional fortified wines

Step into a realm of exceptional tastes and refined sophistication. Our curated selection of wines, from the indulgent Port wine to the aromatic Muscat wine and matured Tawny wine, presents an orchestra of distinctive flavours ready to elevate your wine experience.

The rich tapestry of fortified wines

Experience the full-bodied richness of our Port wines. Each drop tells a story of careful crafting and maturing, offering a flavorful companion to a spread of fine cheeses and exquisite desserts.

Venture further into our collection to discover the magic of Muscat fortified wines. A versatile treat, Muscat teases your senses with its fragrant floral and tropical fruit notes, serving as a delightful aperitif or a perfect finish to a gourmet meal.

Explore the intricacies of Tawny wines, where complexity meets elegance. Including our specially selected Tawny Port wines, these wines reveal a nuanced blend of nutty notes, dried fruits and spices, revealing the timeless sophistication of the aging process.

And for those who appreciate the robustness of reds, our fortified red wines offer intense flavours complemented by the unique kick of fortification. These wines brilliantly pair with rich meat dishes and chocolate desserts, providing a taste exploration like no other.

The perfect glass for a stellar experience

Great wines deserve to be savoured in equally exquisite glassware. With our selection of premium wine glasses, each sip of your chosen fortified wine is not just a treat for the tastebuds, but a memorable experience of sophistication. Our glasses are designed to enhance your tasting experience, adding an elegant touch to every occasion.

Experience exquisite taste with Kent Street Cellars

Ready to discover the rich diversity of our fortified wines? Browse through the selection at Kent Street Cellars and find the bottle that sings to your palate. For any assistance, our team of experts is on standby, ready to guide you through your purchase. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries. Enhance your wine collection with our premium offerings today, and let your journey of extraordinary taste unfold with Kent Street Cellars.