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Same Day Delivery available for all Sydney Metro orders
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Champagne Accessories

Keep your bubbles flowing with our statement collection of Champagne accessories

A fine bottle of bubbly demands elegant Champagne accessories like a Champagne stopper to keep your label chilled and fresh while bestowing a lavish setting to match the tone of your events. Set the stage at Kent Street Cellars and discover an expansive collection of Champagne accessories online to curate an experience worthy of popping your favourite drink.

Enjoy a rare vintage with dedicated Champagne tools

Whether it’s an intimate gathering, a festive celebration with your nearest and dearest, or you wish to elevate your everyday indulgences, our selection of Champagne tools will cater for your events with exuberant fanfare. At Kent Street Cellars, you can find everything you need to cater to your needs — from bubbly pullers that allow you to effortlessly uncork bottles to Champagne stoppers that preserve its carbonation until your next craving for its honey-hued nectar. Or opt for a Champagne bucket or tub to ice your favourite labels and keep them ready to serve.

When taking a sip of your favourite drop, select glassware that has been carefully blown and fluted to enhance its carbonation. Our Champagne glasses feature a wide belly and tapered rip that allows bubbles to develop while maintaining their flavour profile. Whatever you’re looking for, you can supply your wine cellar with refined Champagne accessories that have been sourced from leading boutique brands such as Zalto, MARKTHOMAS and Sophienwald.

Shop the complete selection of Champagne accessories online today

Whether you’re preparing for an impending event or want to stock your home with timeless Champagne accessories and Champagne stoppers, you can call on whenever it’s time to pop a bottle, Kent Street Cellars offers fast and convenient delivery to your doorstep. Browse our entire range to complement your favourite bubbles and Champagne to enjoy lasting flavour and carbonation. If you’re after bulk orders, feel free to get in touch — we’re happy to help.