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Other White Varietals

A world of white wine varietals at Kent Street Cellars

Discover the diverse universe of white wine varietals at Kent Street Cellars. Our curated selection offers a palette of unique flavours, from the delicate sweetness of Moscato white wine to the citrus flavours of Fiano or Viognier and the balanced acidity of Semillon wine. Explore the fascinating range of white wines and savour the incredible diversity each varietal brings to the table.

Exploring the fascinating diversity of white wines

The joy of exploring white wines lies in their striking variety. Take, for instance, our Moscato white wine. Known for its fragrant aroma and sweet profile, Moscato is a light-bodied pleasure, often presenting as the perfect companion for desserts or a refreshing aperitif. Its inviting notes of orange blossom, peach and honeysuckle are sure to delight your palate.

Semillon wine, another star in our collection, offers a contrast with its unique blend of fresh citrus flavours, texture and acidity. With time, Semillon wine matures to unfold a rich, toasted honey profile, showcasing its versatility as both a dry, crisp wine and a complex, sweet variant.

Beyond Moscato and Semillon, our white wine collection boasts a broad spectrum of varietals, each with its unique taste profile and characteristics. Whether it's the fruity notes of a Garganega and Sauvignon Blanc blend, the sweetness of Chenin Blanc, the complex tastes of Vermentino or the full-bodied richness of an oaked Chardonnay, we invite you to explore and savour the variety that the world of white wines has to offer. For those who love fresh, dry and crisp undertones, indulge in our selection of Assyrtiko and Aligoté wines and discover the perfect varietal to suit your palate. 

The Kent Street Cellars' toast to white wine enthusiasts 

From Chenin Blanc and unique Sauvignon Blanc blends to Aligoté, Garganega, Fiano and Vermentino varietals, browse our selection at Kent Street Cellars and discover your perfect pour. If you need any guidance or have any questions, our team of wine experts is ready and eager to assist. Contact us for a tailored, informative response to ensure your wine journey is as enjoyable and enriching as possible. Start exploring today, and let Kent Street Cellars be your guide through the captivating world of white wine varietals.