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International Beer

Take your taste buds on a trip with a thirst-quenching international beer

If your drinking choices have started to feel stale, you can shop online for international beer at Kent Street Cellars. We offer our Antipodean drinkers an exhaustive menu of ales, IPAs, lagers and other speciality brews sourced from around the globe to satisfy your cravings and bring your events to life.

Whether you’re looking to reminisce and bring a taste of Oktoberfest home with a Dunkel Weißbier, slowly savour the authentic taste of Brouwerij Bosteels’ Tripel that has been brewed the same way for 300 years or enjoy the hops-rich taste of a Yebisu malt beer, Kent Street Cellars is the best place to buy international beer online from speciality labels and in-the-know breweries, as well as brews to impress your loved ones.

Crack open an international beer without a flight or jetlag

For an epicurean session that allows you to sample how other countries brew and develop their drops, our online international beer shop allows you to pick up a bottle or case from Germany, Japan, Belgium, Denmark and the USA, among others. With more options at your fingertips, you can experiment with lager, discover a new dark ale or find the perfect balance between a sour and hazy IPA.

Whether you like a hops-heavy variety or others that balance fruit, malt and other flavourings with a frothy head, you can enjoy the perfect international beer after work, with dinner, during a barbeque and, best of all, with family and friends.

Buy international beer online at Kent Street Cellars today

From ice-cold ones to ales from the UK that can be drunk warm, Kent Street Cellars is your one-stop shop to buy boutique and premium beer that has been carefully sourced worldwide. Discover our entire range, including craft beer, Australian beer and non-alcoholic beer and pour a serve worthy of your fine glassware. If you need recommendations on pairing your beer to your menu or organising bulk purchases, feel free to get in touch — we’re happy to help.