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Torbreck Woodcutters Shiraz 2022 1.5L

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    Torbreck is a winery on a mission to become one of the world's great wine brands. Since 1994, they have remained committed to creating exceptional Rhone-style red and white wines that reflect the very best vineyards in Australia's famous Barossa region. Provenance is everything to them, and they believe that the Barossa is the most exciting place to make wine in the world. With a European sense of tradition, Torbreck pays tribute to the vineyards with minimal intervention, creating wines of richness, structure and length that age gracefully. The multi-generational growers, whose descendants arrived here nearly two centuries ago, are the backbone of Torbreck's winemaking aspirations. They work in partnership with the people of the Barossa who grow their fruit, always aiming to get the very best out of their vineyard sites. At Torbreck, they constantly seek to understand the difference between all of these special places in the Barossa and how this combination of soil, climate and farming experience is reflected in unique grape flavors. They are simply custodians, enhancing the innate expressiveness of the wines and enabling them to reveal over time their individual origins and personality. Torbreck is actually named after the forest near Inverness, Scotland where the winery's founder, David Powell worked as a lumberjack after completing university studies.

    The winemaking style at Torbreck is meticulous and dedicated to producing exceptional wines. They use carefully selected 225-litre oak barriques for maturation, known as Dominique Laurent 'Magic Casks'. The oak is personally harvested from Forêt de Tronçais in Allier, and the staves are aged for 48 to 54 months at an exposed location for maximum seasoning. The staves are then hand-made into barrels and heated over three differing flames for several hours, resulting in a gentle toast due to the remarkable density of the wood. Torbreck's winemaking style reflects their commitment to producing exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroir of the Barossa region.

    In the heart of the Barossa Valley, Semillon has found its natural home. With a history that dates back over 160 years, this white grape variety was among the first to be planted by the early settlers. The Mediterranean climate, coupled with meticulous farming practices, has fostered a legacy of old, low-yielding Semillon vineyards, creating a unique and cherished heritage. To craft Torbreck Woodcutter's Semillon, the winemakers employ an age-old, robust, pink-skinned Madeira clone, predominantly found in the Barossa region. This particular clone adds a special touch to the wine, lending it characteristics reminiscent of the savoury, food-friendly white wines found in the central and southern regions of France. To further enhance its complexity and depth, the Woodcutter's Semillon undergoes maturation in both stainless steel tanks and seasoned French barriques. This careful aging process allows the wine to develop its distinct personality while maintaining its vibrant and fresh character. Unlike a typical lemony Semillon, Woodcutter's Semillon surprises with a more intricate aromatic profile. Its bouquet unfolds with enticing notes of smoked almonds, adding a subtle hint of nuttiness. The delicate scent of honeysuckle dances alongside, infusing the wine with floral nuances that captivate the senses.


    Torbreck Woodcutters Shiraz represents a captivating expression of the up and coming Shiraz vineyards in the esteemed Barossa region. While it diverges from the battle-hardened old vines that define their other cuvées, it exemplifies their unwavering commitment to exceptional viticulture and winemaking practices. Meticulous care is at the heart of crafting Woodcutters Shiraz. The fruit is sourced from hand-harvested and hand-tended, low-yielding vines, ensuring that only the finest grapes contribute to this remarkable wine. The result is a testament to the dedication of their viticultural team, who work tirelessly to nurture the vines and coax out their full potential. From the moment of harvest, Woodcutters Shiraz undergoes a meticulous winemaking process. The grapes are open fermented, allowing for gentle extraction of their rich flavors and aromas. Following fermentation, the wine is gently basket pressed, ensuring a careful extraction of the juice while preserving its purity and character. For 12 months, Woodcutters Shiraz is aged on fine lees in large format seasoned barrels and foudres. This extended aging period allows the wine to develop complexity and depth, while the use of seasoned barrels ensures a subtle integration of oak flavors. The result is a wine that seamlessly combines the vibrant fruit character of the Barossa with nuances of oak, showcasing the balance and finesse that are hallmarks of Torbreck wines.

    The Torbreck Woodcutters Shiraz showcases the vibrancy and potential of the up and coming Shiraz vineyards in the Barossa. While it may differ from the esteemed old vine cuvées, this wine still receives the utmost care and attention in both viticulture and winemaking. Upon pouring, the wine reveals a captivating bouquet of lifted red, black and blue fruits. The aromas of red cherry, raspberry coulis, blueberry conserve, wild blackberry and blackcurrant intertwine creating a symphony of enticing scents. A delightful spicy edge emerges, with hints of cardamom, star anise and Chinese five spice adding complexity to the aromatic profile. On the palate, the wine exhibits soft, caressing tannins and a voluptuous mouthfeel. This can be attributed to the plump Shiraz berries, which lend a velvety texture to the wine. Despite its approachable nature, this Shiraz maintains a poised structure, defying expectations with its depth and pedigree. The fruit's poise and piquancy harmoniously rest upon the structured mouthfeel, promising an exceptional aging potential of 5-10 years. To fully appreciate its nuances, it is recommended to serve Torbreck Woodcutters Shiraz at a temperature of 16°C. Its versatility shines through, making it a wonderful companion to a wide range of cuisines. Whether you choose to enjoy this wine immediately or allow it to age, you'll be rewarded with enhanced flavors. 

    The Finer Details
    Style - Red Wine
    Varietal - Shiraz
    Country - Australia
    Region - Barossa Valley, South Australia
    Vintage - 2022
    Bottle Size - 1.5L
    ABV - 15%