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The Gospel Projects Fortified Cask Rye Whiskey 700ml

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    The Gospel is more than just a whiskey brand. It's a testament to the passion and dedication of a small team of fanatics in Melbourne who have a fierce love for deliciously unpretentious rye whiskey. Led by their Master Distiller, Ian Thorn, The Gospel is Australia's only dedicated rye whiskey distillery. Ian is the boss of all things booze, and his expertise is evident in every bottle of The Gospel. Crafted and distilled from 100% Australian unmalted rye, The Gospel is a unique whiskey with a distinct flavour profile. The rye is cultivated and nurtured by a single farmer in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia, chosen specifically for its harsh climate and small, dense grains. This rye imparts deep, spicy flavours of vanilla, cinnamon and dried fruit, with developing notes of pepper, grass and grain. But The Gospel is more than just a great whiskey. The team behind it is passionate about standing up for what they believe in and supporting the community. They recognize their responsibility to operate in a responsible manner and to be conscious of their social impact and environmental footprint. That's why The Gospel uses 100% recyclable packaging, diverts their spent waste from landfill and donates 2.5% of net profit to their partner charities. Set in the backstreets of Melbourne's eclectic inner north, The Gospel distillery was designed and built by Ben and Andrew with the help of family and friends. It features a six-meter-high continuous column still, designed and built in-house, as well as a bespoke Copper Pot still. The Gospel wider team are an experienced group of booze industry experts, all of whom have a fierce love for deliciously unpretentious rye whiskey. 

    At Gospel, cask selection is a crucial step in the whiskey making process. They believe that knowing the story of each cask is essential, from the forest where the oak is sourced to the liquid that previously filled it. For their special Project Release, The Gospel carefully selected three Australian ex-fortified wine barrels - Apera, Chardonnay Tawny and Fortified Semillon - to balance the signature dry rye grain with a richer and sweeter finish. The fortified casks were delivered fresh and recoopered at the distillery by Master Distiller Ian Thorn. The mature rye whiskey, selected for its medium body and slightly drier finish, was then filled into the fortified casks. This created the perfect foundation for the residual sweet wine remaining in the fortified casks, resulting in a unique and complex flavour profile. To showcase the interaction between the whiskey and the oak, as well as provide a higher viscosity and lingering flavour, Fortified Cask was intentionally released at 52% ABV. This ABV selection perfectly represents the spirit's character and highlights its unique qualities.

    At Gospel, every aspect of the whiskey-making process is carefully considered and executed to create an exceptional product. The Fortified Cask is a testament to this commitment to quality, showcasing the importance of cask selection, spirit selection, and ABV selection in creating a whiskey that's truly one of a kind. Fortified Cask is a whiskey that pays homage to the art of selecting the perfect spirit for the right cask. The mature rye whiskey is rested for a further 6 months in three fortified casks - Apera, Chardonnay Tawny, and Fortified Semillon - at the top of Brunswick warehouse. This unique aging process allows the whiskey to absorb the full force of Melbourne's summer, resulting in a spirit that offers sweetness, richness and a lingering finish, while still maintaining the dry rye grain character. At Gospel, the dedication to the art of selection is evident in the stunning flavour profile of Fortified Cask. On the nose, you'll detect roasted walnut, maple syrup, clove, leather and fig. On the palate, you'll enjoy notes of orange marmalade, fruitcake and bitter caramel. This complex and layered whiskey is a true testament to the art of selection. The Gospel Projects Fortified Cask Rye Whiskey 700ml is the perfect winter companion, best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Its unique flavour profile makes it a standout addition to any whiskey collection. At Gospel, they believe that the art of selecting the perfect spirit for the right cask is what sets their whiskey apart, and Fortified Cask is a shining example of this commitment to quality.

    The Finer Details
    Style - Rye Whiskey
    Country - Australia
    Bottle Size - 700ml
    ABV - 52%