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Sullivans Cove American Oak Single Cask Single Malt Whisky 700ml (TD0320)

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    Established in 1994 Sullivans Cove is the quintessential small-batch luxury whisky. Distilled in Hobart, Tasmania, Sullivans Cove single malt is made using traditional methods and 100% Tasmanian ingredients. Inspired by nature and patiently aged the distillers aim to seek the sublime. Each cask is nurtured to it's natural peak, thousands of tiny decisions go into helping each cask reach its full potential. No two batches will be the same and every batch an opportunity for exploration.

    Tasmania has some of the cleanest water in world, making it an ideal place for producing world class whisky. Tasmania also has some of the best barley growing land in Australia. The combination of good grain and good water is the foundation of all good whisky. 100% Tasmanian malted barley is used to make all Sullivans Cove whiskies. The wash is brewed locally by brewers with decades of experience before being double distilled in a unique, Tasmanian built pot still (her name is Myrtle). The first distillation, known as the "wash run" produces "low wines" of about 20% abv. The low wines are then put back through the still for the "spirit run" to produce a spirt of around 70% abv. This spirit is then diluted to 63.5% abv before it enters into the casks for ageing. The majority of whiskies are aged in either 200L American oak ex-bourbon barrels, or 300L French oak ex-tawny barrels. Allowed to mature over many years in the unique Tasmanian climate - generally between nine and eighteen years.

    To create this multi-award winning single malt whisky, the team at Sullivans Cove selects the purest ingredients and highest quality American oak bourbon casks which impart rich flavours of vanilla, caramel, stone fruit, and powerful oak. Each barrel is unique, producing on a few hundred bottles of rare quality, so each time another Sullivans Cove American Oak is opened, a new page in their story is turned. 

    Bottle Information
    Barrel Number - TD0320
    Bottle Number - 247 of 429
    Filled Date - 08/10/2008
    Decanted On - 22/07/2022

    The Finer Details
    Style - Whisky
    Country - Australia
    Region - Tasmania
    Bottle Size - 700ml
    ABV - 47.5%