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Mackmyra Limousin Swedish Single Malt Whisky 700ml

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    Mackmyra was Sweden’s first whisky distillery and 20 years after being established continues to innovate and evolve.

    The flavours of the region are essential for this whisky and are highlighted by the use of French Limousin Oak cask that previously held Cognac from renowned Cognac House Ferrand. To emphasise the fruitiness, we complemented the recipe with older Oloroso casks, as well as casks saturated with berry wine (cherry and forest raspberry wine) to add intrigue, complexity, and a touch of freshness. Limousin pairs perfectly with cold-cut charcuterie or a dark chocolate fondant with caramelised orange.

    When the sun is just above the horizon and the sunbeams are travelling low, a magical light appears that only mother nature can deliver. Time stops and you don’t think about bills, social media or what to eat for dinner – You are absolutely present and at the same time you almost forget that you exist. You are a small piece of the puzzle in a perfect moment. Forever captured by artists and photographers alike, the magic of the golden hour over the French countryside is the inspiration for Mackmyra Limousin. A fruity, playful, gently-balanced Swedish single malt whisky, predominantly seasoned with French Oak casks that previously held Cognac from sun-kissed grapes. The barrels used for this whisky include ex cognac, american oak, olorosso, raspberry wine and ex bourbons barrels. 

    The nose is sweet with citrus, dried fruits and vanilla. On the palate is vanilla caramel, dried fruit, sweet almond and dark chocolate. A light spiciness from the oak and a finish of sun-ripened grapes and soft pear caramel.