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Fluere Non Alcoholic Botanical Spirit

by Fluere
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    Fluère is about flowing in the moment, feeling comfortable in your own skin, and wanting only the best. When Léon, the founder, realized he didn’t always want his mind clouded in social situations he decided to do something about it, to create a liquid that would allow him to drink and take part whatever the occasion, but let him choose whether alcohol was involved or not. Léon wanted to create something spectacular, not just something to imitate alcohol but a piece of art that would elevate your experience, whatever you were doing. The concept of ‘flow’ is fundamental to the brand, to represent that feeling of purpose, energy and ease of movement both physically and mentally. Léon looked to ancient Roman texts for inspiration on which botanicals to use and in doing so derived the name Fluère from the latin to flow. The bottle itself also reflects the expression of flowing through the ripples down the side, reminiscent of a river.

    Fluere Non Alcoholic Botanical Spirit brings together floral botanicals used by the Roman legions to keep fit. Health and fitness are important and well worth being reminded of. To create Fluère modern state-of-the-art distilling techniques are used alongside only the best ingredients and finest botanicals. The botanicals are sourced over 4 continents, the main criteria is quality that allows for consistently amazing aroma and flavour. To get the best out of these botanicals every berry, flower, spice and fruit is individually distilled through ‘hydro-steam distillation’. This is a process where steam is used to gently open up botanicals and break down cell walls to release aroma and flavour compounds at very low ABV. The distillates derived from this careful and meticulous distilling process ensure the premium taste of any drink made with Fluère products. Each botanical is distilled separately and then blended by master blenders in the Netherlands. This is not the easiest or cheapest way to make Fluère but it is the best.

    Fluere Non Alcoholic Botanical Spirit is a gin alternative that uses seeds from exotic Casablanca coriander, the best juniper berries from the high peaks of the Himalayas, exquisite lavender from Provence and lemon peel from the Mediterranean Coast to create one of the best non-alcoholic botanical spirits. This spirit is perfect for a gin and tonic when you need to keep your wits about you. The resulting floral blend is low in calories yet issues a complex yet balanced taste that provides a unique after-bite that normally only alcoholic drinks have. Both Coriander Seed and Lime peel give a bright and zesty character to the nose whilst the lavender and juniper add some herbal and floral notes.

    The Finer Details
    Style - Non-Alcoholic Botanical Spirit
    Country - The Netherlands
    Bottle Size - 700ml
    ABV - 0%