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Australian Whisky Advent Calendar (Magpie Edition)

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    The annual Australian Whisky Advent Calendar from White Possum is here! It is once again designed to take whisky lovers on a month-long roller coaster ride of handmade Australian drams. With more than two dozen whiskies simmering in its belly, the only thing that's left is to grab a tasting glass and a comfortable seat.

    A total of 25 Australian whiskies are hiding behind the slots of this calendar, each of them handmade in small batches around Australia. This year they're treating drinkers to an in-depth dive into a range of released and unreleased drams from just a handful of distilleries. These include single malt whiskies, single cask whiskies, whiskies finished in exotic casks, whiskies made with other grains and more. Some of these beauties have won major international awards while others have never before been released to market.

    If this isn't a surefire way to kick off the festive season, then we don't know what is. Behind each door is a bottle of premium Australian whisky, presented in 30ml matte-black glass bottles.

    The calendar also comes with access to a set of exclusive tasting notes. Jump on the website using the code provided to reveal interesting facts about the featured distillery and whisky you're about to taste.

    The cover art has been designed by Melbourne based digital artist Josh Dykgraaf who's been illustrating since 2012. The 'Warndurla' artwork was made entirely from material shot while revisiting sites of bushfires in Victoria in 2020 and 2021, exploring themes of decay and regrowth. 

    The Finer Details
    Style - Whisky
    Country - Australia
    Bottle Size - 25x30mL
    ABV - varies