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Kavalan Solist Manzanilla Sherry Cask Strength Single Malt Taiwanese Whisky 750ml

by Kavalan
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    In ancient times, the land around Yilan was called kavalan, a mysterious land that was solely inhabited by the indigenous people of the Kavalan clan. the name was officially recognized by the Emperor of the Chin dynasty in the year of 1809 when the original city was also built under the same name. Kavalan had always been kept primitive and protected from the outside world by the Syue-shan mountain range which is abundant in high quality natural water that comes from deep within the mountain range. The mists of Kavalan and the spirits of the past have been created in this exquisite whisky.

    Manzanilla is very much like Fino sherry that is produced by the sea where the climate conditions are even more suitable for the growing of flor. Even though the maturing process is the same as Fino but the texture is lighter, more delicate with a touch of saltiness together with mineral flavours which are all the consequence of the stable and thick layer of flor and the sea breeze.

    This whisky has a swarthy aurum amber colour The nose is chock-full of mystery aroma the same as Solist Fino with clear and charming honeydew melon. Complex and multi layer fruity flavour along with toffee, cocoa. The end of cider, coastal, light salty. Balanced body. Slight salty intense plenty of sweetness with vanilla flavour. Orange, melon, mint are conspicuous with fresh fruit complexity.

    Bottle Information
    Cask Number - MA110223018A
    Bottle Number - 370 of 383

    The Finer Details
    Style - Whisky
    Country - Taiwan
    Bottle Size - 750ml
    ABV - 58.6%