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Heidsieck & Co Monopole Gold Top Brut Champagne 2009


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Maison founded in 1785 : Heidsieck & Co Monopole is the 4th oldest champagne house. At the begining of the 20th century Heidsieck & Co. Monopole was one of the leading Champagne brands, a supplier by Royal Appointment of several European courts: King of Prussia and Emperor of Germany, the English Court, Swedish Court & the Court of Tsar Nicolas II. Heidsieck & Co produce Pinot Noir predominant Champagnes that please discerning consumers and lovers of great champagnes.

In July 2010, bottles over 200 years old were discovered in a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea. Between 1825 and 1830, a cargo galley sank with more than 150 bottles of champagne from different brands on board, including Heidsieck & Co Monopole. In November 2010, oenologists who examined the cargo reported that the bottles included the oldest known vintages of the Heidsieck & Co Monopole brand.

Pale Yellow in colour. Fruit, primarily yellow fruits, and particularly peach, predominate at the initial tasting. However, there are also aromas of stewed fruits, with a hint of honey. Not to mention floral notes with white flowers offering a foretaste of the lightness of the wine. These are clearly generous and persistent aromas and promise a highly aromatic vintage.

Its primary aromas are of fruit, not just fresh fruit, but also candied fruits. The promise of the aromas in the nose is more than delivered by a round mouth, a subtle attack and good length

The mouth, like the nose, is dominated by fruit – peaches, cherry plums, and then oranges.Freshness, elegance and delicacy emerge gently throughout the entire tasting.It is very pleasant on the palate.

The Finer Details
Style - Champagne
Varietal -Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier
Country - France
Region - Champagne
Vintage - 2009
Bottle Size - 750ml
ABV - 12%