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Domaine Gérard Boulay Sancerre à Chavignol 2022

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    Sancerre has a vineyard hierarchy, and the most potent terroirs of Sancerre are concentrated around the hamlet of Chavignol. The steep, south and southeast-facing limestone slopes of Chavignol are home to historically revered sites, making it a tiny village that produces some of the most distinctive and sublime wines in Sancerre. The Boulay family has been working this soil since 1380, producing wines that are fleshier, rippling and more textural, with rocky, saline vigour and finessed precision. Gérard Boulay works predominantly with old vines, practices organics and works with wild ferments in the cellar, producing wines that are bottled without filtration. The wines of Chavignol are to be measured against the finest whites of France, making them serious bargains. The Boulay family, with a history of grape growing dating back to 1380, owns nine hectares in the renowned Sancerre village of Chavignol. Their vineyards are planted in Kimmeridgian-centric soils, including the famed "crus" of Monts Damnés, La Grande Côte, and Clos de Beaujeu, which are known for producing some of the most distinctive and sublime wines in Sancerre. Boulay has been farming organically since 1990 and harvests everything by hand, ensuring the highest quality of fruit. The top wines, aged in a mix of tank and neutral 300L barrels, can easily age for over 20 years, earning Boulay a reputation as a go-to for quality and longevity in a village of Sancerre's most celebrated vineyards and domaines. The Boulay family's commitment to organic farming and traditional winemaking techniques results in wines that are a true reflection of the terroir and showcase the unique character of Chavignol. With a history that spans over six centuries, the Boulay family continues to produce some of the most exceptional wines in Sancerre, earning them a place among the most respected winemakers in the region.

    Boulay's parcel in the historic Domain vineyard of Chavignol is one of the most revered in the region. Established by the monks of Beaujeu in the Middle Ages, the original walls of the Clos are no longer standing as they were built from clay and hay and did not withstand the test of time. Boulay farms a 0.75 hectares plot of 30- to 60-year-old vines in this vineyard, where the soils are pebbly, lime-rich and strewn with fossils. The rocky soils and 60% gradient of the vineyard make it very difficult to farm, but the resulting wines are some of Boulay's deepest and most structured. The Clos de Beaujeu is known for producing savoury, spicy examples of Chavignol that are built to last. Boulay's commitment to traditional winemaking techniques and organic farming practices allows the terroir to shine through in every bottle, making the Clos de Beaujeu a must-try for anyone.

    The Domaine Gérard Boulay Sancerre à Chavignol 2022 is a beautifully composed wine that showcases the remarkable terroir of Chavignol. This year's release is fleshier than the previous vintage, yet still almost devoid of varietal character. The wine has intense crystalline citrus, white flowers and white stone fruit flavours, intertwined with a lovely rocky texture and deliciously salty, iodised freshness. The mineral vibrancy and mouth-watering phenolic structure make for a well-balanced wine that finishes with stony definition, chalky cut and great length. The wine's touch more density and palate weight add to its complexity, making it a benchmark for the region. As always, Domaine Gérard Boulay's Sancerre à Chavignol is a must-try for anyone who appreciates the artistry and science of winemaking and wants to experience the unique character of Chavignol's terroir.

    The Finer Details
    Style - White Wine
    Varietal - Sauvignon Blanc
    Country - France
    Region - Loire Valley
    Vintage - 2022
    Bottle Size - 750ml
    ABV - 13%
    Other - Organic