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Volcan De Mi Tierra X.A Tequila 700ml

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    Volcan De Mi Tierra’s true beginnings date back over 200,000 years, when the “tequila” volcano erupted, and nourished the soil of the Jalisco region in Mexico. Volcan De Mi Tierra, which translates into “land of the volcano”, embodies a celebration of provenance and legacy harmonizing 300 years of passion with entrepreneurship, joining the Gallardo family’s heritage and deep Mexican roots.

    Born from the volcano that gave tequila its name, the terroir is generous and shaped over millions of years by the tumultuous fits and starts of the earth's primal rhythm. A story that started before man, the soil has a unique connection to the cycles of nature.

    Volcan X.A, is an innovative blend of reposado, añejo and extra-añejo tequilas, bringing the art of blending into the world of tequila, made with 100% blue agave and free from additives. This is a tequila built on an unadulterated blending integrity and centuries of craftsmanship. Volcan X.A is harnessing the power of duality: between fire and water, between a volcano and the people who cultivate its land; between the tradition of tequila making process and innovation.

    This blend, uncompromisingly crafted, represents a unique expression of its kind, highlighted by a sophisticated handcrafted bottle, enhancing the volcano and Volcans Mexican heritage. A subtle recipe kept secret by our master distiller. The 3 layers of aging unveil a very smooth tequila profile. The reposado base brings the right level of sweetness and smoothness, while añejo and extra-añejo add aromatic elegance and complexity.

    Volcan X.A reveals a perfect balance of cooked agave, hints of spices and sweet aromas such as notes of vanilla, caramel and dried fruits. to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

    The Finer Details
    Style - Reposado, Anejo and Extra Añejo Tequila
    Country - Mexico
    Bottle Size - 700ml
    ABV - 40%