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Torbreck The Kyloe Mataro 2021

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    Torbreck is a winery on a mission to become one of the world's great wine brands. Since 1994, they have remained committed to creating exceptional Rhone-style red and white wines that reflect the very best vineyards in Australia's famous Barossa region. Provenance is everything to them, and they believe that the Barossa is the most exciting place to make wine in the world. With a European sense of tradition, Torbreck pays tribute to the vineyards with minimal intervention, creating wines of richness, structure and length that age gracefully. The multi-generational growers, whose descendants arrived here nearly two centuries ago, are the backbone of Torbreck's winemaking aspirations. They work in partnership with the people of the Barossa who grow their fruit, always aiming to get the very best out of their vineyard sites. At Torbreck, they constantly seek to understand the difference between all of these special places in the Barossa and how this combination of soil, climate and farming experience is reflected in unique grape flavors. They are simply custodians, enhancing the innate expressiveness of the wines and enabling them to reveal over time their individual origins and personality. Torbreck is actually named after the forest near Inverness, Scotland where the winery's founder, David Powell worked as a lumberjack after completing university studies.

    The winemaking style at Torbreck is meticulous and dedicated to producing exceptional wines. They use carefully selected 225-litre oak barriques for maturation, known as Dominique Laurent 'Magic Casks'. The oak is personally harvested from Forêt de Tronçais in Allier, and the staves are aged for 48 to 54 months at an exposed location for maximum seasoning. The staves are then hand-made into barrels and heated over three differing flames for several hours, resulting in a gentle toast due to the remarkable density of the wood. Torbreck's winemaking style reflects their commitment to producing exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroir of the Barossa region.

    Torbreck The Kyloe Mataro is a wine that exemplifies the importance of terroir, viticulture, and the precise timing of grape picking. For all Torbreck wines, these three factors are instrumental in creating exceptional quality. However, when it comes to Mataro, the picking date holds a special significance. Patience is key when it comes to harvesting Mataro grapes. The winemakers at Torbreck understand the importance of allowing the fruit to reach optimal physiological and flavour ripeness, regardless of sugar levels. This patience and restraint are crucial in producing dense, wild, and beautifully rounded wines. The Barossa Valley's climate provides the perfect conditions for achieving this level of ripeness. It is a place where Torbreck believes some of the finest Mataro wines in the world can be crafted. With Torbreck The Kyloe Mataro, you can expect a wine that showcases the pinnacle of flavour development, as the fruit has reached its optimum stage. This 100% Mataro wine from Torbreck is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the winemakers. It is a wine that truly captures the essence of the Barossa Valley and offers a unique and exceptional tasting experience.

    Torbreck The Kyloe Mataro 2021 is a captivating expression of Mataro from the renowned Barossa Valley. This vintage showcases the winery's dedication to crafting wines that reflect the unique terroir of the region. In the glass, The Kyloe Mataro 2021 displays a deep, garnet colour, indicating its richness and maturity. The nose is greeted with beautiful aromas of dense wild blackberries, lavender, black olive and cured meats. These complex aromas create an alluring invitation to explore further. On the palate, The Kyloe Mataro 2021 reveals a medium to full-bodied profile with a velvety texture. The flavors of ripe black fruits take centre stage, accompanied by subtle notes of black pepper and a touch of smoky oak. The wine showcases a well-balanced structure with refined tannins and a vibrant acidity, adding depth and complexity to the overall experience. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a lingering impression of dark fruit flavors and a touch of spice.

    The Finer Details
    Style - Red Wine
    Varietal - Mataro
    Country - Australia
    Region - Barossa Valley, South Australia
    Vintage - 2021
    Bottle Size - 750ml
    ABV - 14.5%