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Bearface Triple Oak Whiskey 700ml

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    Bearface Triple Oak Whiskey is a unique and adventurous whisky that is proudly Canadian. Its home is on the edge of the inspiring Canadian wilderness, surrounded by miles of unexplored forests, mountains, lakes and rivers. Living in harmony with nature is part of the Canadian way of life and Bearface works with the wilderness and its powerful natural elements to transform their whisky into something wild and adventurous. The unique Canadian rules about whisky making allow for innovation, experimentation and unexpected creations. Bearface's ambition is simple to make it an iconic world whisky and an aspirational symbol of the wild Canadian North. They go beyond borders and even beyond the world of whisky to find people with unique skills, endless energy and bold ideas. Bearface is a collective tribe of like-minded people who inspire each other and share a passion for adventurous whisky. Their group of collaborators includes seekers, makers, coopers, blenders, mixologists and even oak scientists. However, it's their inspirational master blender, Andres, who leads the team. Together, they strive to create a whisky that is bold, adventurous and truly unique.

    Bearface is dedicated to sourcing the best single-grain Canadian corn spirit for their whisky, but they see that liquid as just a blank canvas. It's what happens next that really matters. Elemental Ageing is the transformative process that exposes Bearface whisky to a variety of casks, giving their Master Blender a palette of flavours to work with and create delicious complexity and new bold expressions of BEARFACE. The Elemental Whisky process is unique to Bearface, where hand-selected oak casks are matured in repurposed shipping containers and exposed to the elements in the Canadian wilderness. The extreme northern climate amplifies how the whisky and wood interact, transforming the liquid inside for a bolder, smoother flavour. This process is a testament to Bearface's commitment to innovation and experimentation, resulting in a truly exceptional whisky that embodies the wild and adventurous spirit of the Canadian North.

    BEARFACE Triple Oak is a single grain Canadian whisky that undergoes a unique and innovative maturation process. The whisky is first aged for 7 years in ex-bourbon American oak barrels, imparting notes of honey, butter and natural vanilla. The result is a smooth and complex flavour profile that is the foundation of the whisky. Next, the whisky is aged in French oak red wine casks, with three vintages of heavy-red, tight-grain casks used to impart dry fruit notes of cranberry and pear, along with a rich Canadian red colour. This process creates a complex flavour profile that is both subtle and nuanced, with flavours of saffron, balsamic, apricot and a hint of pear. Finally, the whisky is aged in air-dried virgin Hungarian oak that is toasted three ways, imparting a unique spice with rye-like notes and a gentle smoke. The result is a whisky with tasting notes of spice, black cardamom, orange peel, mandarin, brown sugar, and smoke. The skill of the Bearface Master Blender is crucial in creating the smoothness, balance and long complexity of flavour that we all love. Each year brings different nuances, and no two bottles are ever quite exactly the same. Exploring the subtleties of this exceptional whisky is part of the adventure and it's all made possible by the wild and adventurous spirit of the Canadian North.

    The Finer Details
    Style - Whiskey
    Country - Canada
    Bottle Size - 700ml
    ABV - 42.5%