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Dom Pérignon

All creative processes have their constraints. Dom Pérignon's constraint is the Vintage: Dom Pérignon can only be produced from the harvest of a single year. Dom Pérignon's ambition is to bear witness to each year, whatever the challenges may be. Dom Pierre Pérignon dares to put itself on the line, to take risks, to go as far as accepting that it will not declare the vintage. Dom Pérignon's creative legacy is this reinvention of its work with each vintage. Dom Pérignon Vintage is the culmination of the elaboration and creative processes. It embodies the vision. Dom Pérignon Vintage expresses itself fully in its three dimensions: The year: the character of the seasons The Plénitudes: evolution by successive windows of expression on the way of the long maturation on lees. The colour: White or Rosé. These three dimensions are inseparable, and no combination is quite like any other. Each has its own space and time. As such, Dom Pérignon can only be the sum total of all past Vintages, and those yet to come.

Tasting notes

Eucalyptus and Mint, Mirabelle Plums, Touch of Spice

Green notes – eucalyptus, mint and vetiver – combine with yellow-orange notes of mirabelle plums, apricots and orange blossom, along with pepper, cardamom and liquorice and ending with saline and toasty notes.

Elegant, Silky, Refined

The mouthfeel is elegant, expressing luxuriant simplicity and precision. The attack is enveloping and ethereal. The refined and silky foundation becomes more pronounced at the heart.

Deep, Saline, Consistent

The finish is dominated by a salinity that leaves a deep sensation of consistency.