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Free delivery on all orders over $100

Kirin Ichiban Gold Label (Case)


Kirin Ichiban Gold Label 

Kirin Ichiban Gold Label represents a rich culture of meticulousness. In a way, it’s an art form of its own. At Kirin they choose every ingredient and carry out every step of the process with awareness true to  Japanese craftsmanship. Kirin Ichiban manifests the authentic tastes of nature crafted to appeal to the palate, and it pairs beautifully with Japanese cuisine.

Malt, hops, and water brought together to an art form. Unlike other beers, Kirin use only the first press of the wort, therefore, Ichiban, meaning first as well as best in Japanese. 
Their  First Press process, or ichiban shibori method in Japanese, brews beer to its purest state for the best flavor, extracting only the most flavorful of the finest ingredients.

The Finer Details
Style - Pale Lager
Country - Japan
Size - 330ml
ABV - 4.9%