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Four Pillars - Rare Dry Gin, 700ml
Thrice awarded and with a classic yet distinctive palette, there was not better choice for our Negroni Gift pack. Distilled a mere hour’s drive from Melbourne, this speciality uses whole oranges, an unusual choice but the highly aromatic nature of Australian citrus supports the spicy botanicals of cardamom, cinnamon and star anise. Tasmanian Pepperberry Leaf promotes warmth over intense heat and Australian Lemon Myrtle finishes off this gem of a gin perfectly.

Maidenii Sweet Vermouth, 375ml
Designed with the classic Negroni in mind. The team at Maidenii proclaim that the Sweet Vermouth 'will take your Negroni to uncharted territories'.
Botanicals include - strawberry gum, sea parsley, river mint, wattleseed, grapefruit, mace and angelica root.

Campari Bitter Aperitif, 700ml
Campari is the perfect aperitif with its distinctive red colour, aroma and pleasantly bittersweet flavour.

4-in-1 Bar tool, Brass
Find the proper measure, break the ice, pop the cork and crack a brew with our new stainless steel 4-in-1 bar tool.  The guys at Izola have nailed it with this one. This is an absolute bar must have.

W&P Design - Extra Large Ice Cube Tray, White
This tray makes four large ice cubes, perfect for your sexy Negroni or any one of your favourite beverages where a larger format ice cube allows for the slower dilution. The multi-cube design features an internal stainless steel frame that makes filling, transferring and freezing a breeze and the lid ensures pesky freezer flavours don’t infiltrate your ice cubes. A must-have for any cocktail aficionado.
4x 5.7cm cubes
Stainless Steel
Dishwasher safe
BPA free

Dardimans - Gift Box Mandarin Crisps
There exists no better snack. These Californian ripened fruit crisps are the perfect blend of juicy sweet with citrus tang. Pair them with salad, cheese, chocolate, whisky, cognac, beer, yogurt, acai bowls, toast and especially with an antipasto board! Nothing but mandarin goodness.
Slices / bag: 30-35
Fresh mandarins / bag: approx. 5
Calories / serving: 35
Origin: California
Qualities: raw | vegan | kosher | gluten-free | no added sugar | no sulphur/preservatives | no colors | no additives

iSpyaFeast Menu Card
Our pals at iSpyaFeast style dinner parties/BBQs/nightly-dinners and we've included their Negroni must-haves, printed on the smartest menu card.

DIIO - Signature Gift Wrap
Our complimentary gift wrap is our sign-off. A thick, coated, keepsake white box, white twill tie and our wax seal to complete the look.