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Free Delivery on all order over $100

Garage Project Bliss Lager (Case)


Garage Project Bliss Lager 

Bliss, a state of complete happiness and harmony. You can find it in the most familiar of things. Sun, freshly cut grass, the smell of a BBQ - in the right combination even the simplest elements can elevate an experience to another level. Brewed with New Zealand malt and Motueka hops, Garage Project Bliss Lager is fermented cold and stored at subzero temperatures to produce a delicately crisp, clean, easy drinking lager. Simple, familiar things taken to a new level. Drink yourself more Bliss.

The design for the can was done by artist Ross Murray Brewed in collaboration with Ben Shewry and the team at Attica - the perfect accompaniment to their backyard BBQ.

Garage Project was started by Pete Gillespie & Jos Ruffell with help from Pete’s brother Ian. When they started out we were tiny. Garage Project wasn't even micro brewing... it was truly nano brewing. A few years have passed and they’ve grown, but that same ethos still shapes how they do things at the Garage. Whether they’re brewing 50 litres or several thousand, they’re still here to take some risks, to have a bit of fun and try something new.

The Finer Details
Style - Lager
Country - New Zealand
Can Size - 330ml
ABV - 4.5%