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Free delivery on all orders over $100

Orion Draft 500ml (Case)


Orion Draft

This long familiar Orion Draft sets the standard for Okinawa's beer. Perfectly matched to warm, subtropical Okinawa, Orion Draft is characterized by a crisp refreshing feel and a mild, pleasant taste. Orion is a beautifully presented lager that displays a lightness and crispness that caresses the pallet. It is less fruity in style with an emphasis on smoothness.  This beer is brewed with Hallertaurer hops from Germany, and the malt is carefully selected from the highest quality European and Australian varieties. It’s easy drinking style accommodates quintessential Japanese cuisine such as sashimi, sushi, tempura and the vast array of noodle dishes. Try it with a fresh salad instead of wine.

The Finer Details
Style - Lager
Country - Japan
Can Size - 500ml
ABC - 5%